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Amouring System / Ballistics

General: Our unique Armour System is designed to protect the driver and the passengers from high-level ballistic, multi-impact attacks with military weapons, explosives and blast fragmentation. The external appearance of our armoured SUV is identical to the OEM base vehicle.
Opaque Armour: The Inside Safe Box System: this system provides full protection for the complete vehicle interior, providing the highest ballistic protection against explosives and rifle attacks. This fully welded ballistic inside cage system is made from Thyssen Secure German ballistic steel.
Overlap system: Substantial overlaps for all opaque and transparent areas, with all gaps ballistically sealed with spall liners around the window apertures and all five doors.
Floor protection: Our Thyssen Secure 100% steel floor design provides greatly enhanced protection from grenade attacks (2 x DM51 grenades / 2x HG85 / 2x DM31 optional).
Roof protection: The roof steel protection system includes a 90° ballistic impact angle (BRV 2009 VR7 and the CEN standard only requires 45°). 

The roof steel protection also provides enhanced protection against blast attacks (2 x DM51 grenades / 2 x HG85).



Ballistic Standards