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Armoured First Response Vehicle

Multi-functional service vehicle with plenty of protected storage space.

The layout is applicable to different vehicle platforms (e.g. TLC 200Nissan Patrol)



Layout / Equipment possibilities:

  • Breaching tools
  • All-purpose toolset
  • OEM Toyota tools
  • High-lift vehicle jack
  • 5t bottle jack
  • Winching set
  • Additional tow-strap
  • 6kg Hand held fire extinguisher for serious fires, including „heavy duty mount“
  • 2 Spare wheels; slide-out rear & underfloor type, both with quick-release function





Hidden spine-board (foldable) to offer fast and easy transport of emergencies out of  the danger-zone


Fully packed first-aid kit including:

  • Stiff-neck system (multi-size)
  • All types on bandages (STANAG 2126)
  • Respiratory mask & bag
  • Infusions incl. vehicle mount
  • Mobile oxygen kit (optional)
  • Automatic defibrillator HeartSave ONE (optional)
  • Fully customisable


 Further information and pictures on inquiry.


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